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  • Proposal of a PCM Underfloor Heating System Using a Web

    Jan 01, 2017 · In addition, hot water, which is supplied by individual boilers or from the Korea District Heating Corporation (KDHC), is used as the heat energy source [11]. Among these materials, ALC and finishing mortar are essential in determining heating energy consumption because they store or discharge the heat energy supplied by the hot water [12-17].Learn More

  • Study on How to Effectively Extract Bamboo Fibers from Raw

    Raw bamboo (2~8months) was first longitudinal cleaved into small slabs by the roller crusher. The pin-roller looser was used to extract small slabs into coarse fibers before removing fat by the boiler at 900C for 10 hours. Then, coarse fibers were put into the dehydrator and finally dried in the Rotary dryer.Learn More

  • Bamboo May Be Useful In Treating Gray Water

    HOT WELL DEAERATOR EXTERNAL TREATMENT MAKE UP RETURNED CONDENSATE solids in boiler water Intermittent blowdown to remove suspended solids in boiler water Blowdown - Removes boiler water with a high concentration of solids which is replaced by feedwater containing a low • Molecular weight. CH 3 O-Polymethacrylate X C CH 2 C=O CH O-CH 2 Learn More