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    HOT WATER BOILER TYPE JUE-HHF. Capacity up to 10 MW. Designed for versatility as the combustion system can be adapted for all types of biomass fuels. The boiler consists of a grate/radiation section with a horizontal convection drum. Vertical flue gas economizer is optional. Capacity: 0.5 – 10.0 MWLearn More

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    Dec 17, 2020 · And through the flue gas recirculation technology, about 10% -30% of the flue gas at the tail of the boiler is sucked into the air inlet of the burner through the flue gas pipe, mixed with the combustion-supporting air, and then entering the furnace, thereby reducing the temperature and oxygen concentration in the combustion area, and finally Learn More

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    reduction of under bed air and the addition of a flue gas recirculation system. Typically in the winter the bed velocity is approximately 8 ft/sec in the winter and is reduced to 4 ft/sec in the summer. Fuel is introduced into the BFB through fuel chutes on one or more of the walls. The unburned combustible loss leaving the boiler is fuel dependant.Learn More

  • US5937652A - Process for coal or biomass fuel gasification

    Carbon dioxide; from a boiler flue gas stream is separated, recycled and utilized for gasification of coal or biomass to increase fuel utilization and to decrease the carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. US5937652A - Process for coal or biomass fuel gasification by carbon dioxide extracted from a boiler flue gas stream - Google Patents Learn More