Atmospheric Hot Water Boiler Company

  • ProLine Radiant Heat - Residential Wholesale Snow Melting

    ProLine Radiant offers both electric and hydronic snow melting solutions. Hydronic snow melting systems use a mixture of water and propylene glycol (anti-freeze) that is pumped through a closed loop of PEX tubing. The boilers used for hydronic systems can …Learn More

  • US20090183693A1 - High efficiency wood or biomass boiler

    A boiler comprising a water jacket surrounding upper and lower combustion chambers for receiving heat for heating water or other fluid therein. The upper and lower combustion chambers are defined by a refractory structure which extends entirely across the inner casing. A vertical passage through the refractory structure provides for flow of combustion gases from the upper to lower combustion Learn More

  • Heat Timer Snow Melt Controller. - Heat-Timer® Corporation

    Jan 08, 2021 · The Heat-Timer Snow Melt controller (SMC) is designed specifically to control driveway heating with the same sophistication that Heat-Timer applies to interior boiler controls. The SMC uses multiple sensors to keep the pavement snow and ice free with the minimum amount of energy. The most important of these sensors is the embedded slab sensor.Learn More