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  • How Do Steam Engines Work? - ThoughtCo

    First the fireman or the engineer would turn on a water valve to get water to the steam valve just before the boiler, then the steam valve was turned on and the steam pressure equalized the piping from the valve to the boiler. Once equalized the water velocity carried the water from the tender into the boiler.Learn More

  • How to Steam Up a Mamod Steam Engine

    Depending on what steam engine you have, you will either have a water level plug or a water level glass gauge to the side of the boiler. If you have a water level plug, unscrew it and fill the boiler up with water till water starts flowing out of the water level hole. If you have a water …Learn More

  • Lionel 671 S-2 Steam Turbine Locomotive Owner's Manual

    Century Club S-2 steam turbine. From the crisp die-cast detail and the gold Century Club indicia outside to the advanced technology and brute power within the boiler, your S-2 is ready for duty on your model railroad. from a real steam loco-motive • Smoke generator that produces clean, safe,Learn More